Hey guys its Brayden.

AND I PAINTBALL! Paintballing is a sport not much people think it a sport but it is. I have tuns of friend who paintball, And here are all the paintball markers.

here’s the smart parts ion, vibe, sp1  and shocker, that’s the smart parts makers. Here are the tippman a5, timmpman custom, tipmman pro, tipmman x7 and that’s the tipmman markers, Here’s the Bob long, there are Dye markers, BT markers, air arrow markers ( Its a bow marker) Dangerous power. Proto, Spyder, angles, Empier, Invert minny, Redz, Tacomo.

There are all the paintball makers.

One thought on “Paintballing!

  1. I think that paintballing is awsome. I have never been paintballing before but I will soon. What is it like? Can you tell me about it? Thanks!

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