What Im going to Grow to be……..

When I grow up I’m going to be a chef I know I know, I like skateboarding and paint balling but I really like cooking. Cooking for me is like getting a angle paintball gun and an angle paintball gun is like 2,000 dollors wow, anyways When I cook the smels I just love them. Omg I love it.

Photo by. Joe Pennistom

3 thoughts on “What Im going to Grow to be……..

  1. Hello Brayden

    I think cooking is fun, sure I did cook stuff before but the stuff I cooked were simple, like an omelet or some sort of egg, but who knows, you might be the next awesome chef!

  2. Brayden, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and watching how you’ve grown over the school year. It’s funny that even at the end of the year we learn things about each other. I would never have guessed that you would rather be a chef that a skateboarder. Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Hi Brayden that is pretty inrersting that you want to be chef I never knew that… Well I guess I do now. Your blog is quite interesting I liked it.


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